Advanced Time Managment with Grindstone

Hello again !

If you enjoyed my last post on basic time management,I believe you’ll also like this one where I will show you some advanced things you can do with Grindstone software.

Before you begin time tracking you may often wonder, why does time see to pass so fast when you’re doing something. Well that’s probably because lots of things are distracting you from what’s really important to get done !

To actually find out where your wasted time is going, first start the Grindstone program . Now, create a new profile if you haven’t  done it already. Finally go to menu Time and choose Autopilot option.

This feature will start automatically monitoring everything you do on your computer, and will create tasks to that purpose.To illustrate this action I’ll just leave it running while I’m typing this post , so that you can see the result in the end. On the following picture you can have a preview of what happens when Grindstone Autopilot feature is running :

lots and lots of processes are being created!!!We could get a better view if we could group these processes . To do that, just go to menu View > Group Tasks > Process (Autopilot) . The big mess that was beginning to appear should now look a lot more organized like the picture bellow: :

Still there are  lots of tasks around! If you just care about displaying only how much time you took playing with Grindstone and editing this post, just tick these two tasks and select them as if you were selecting multiple files(with the CTRL key…). Now go to menu Tasks > Focus Tasks. The final result should look like this : 

To return to your normal view , just choose the Dismiss link that now appears.

Wouldn’t it be really cool to see a breakdown chart of these group processes to see where I took my time?? Unfortunately  I don’t now any other way to do this than to select all the tasks by going to menu Tasks > Select All Tasks and then going to menu Reports > Breakdown . The generated graph will look like this one below :

If you know another way to generate a graph based only on the process group Grindstone creates, let me know !!

And that’s it ! If you wan’t to know more stuff I recommend you to watch this video that will show you how to create customized fields.