Basic Time Managment with Grindstone

Hi all ! If you want to be a leader someday, or just wish to be as efficient as possible in your job, you have two options :

  • a) You have a natural instinct and you can see with precision how long the tasks you have will take.
  • b) You systematically measure the tasks that are assigned to you. This helps you see how much time a new task will take based on your previous calculations.

Personally I choose option b) . As you have already read on the post about installing android, I often use a tool called Grindstone to this purpose. On this post I’ll explain most of the things you need, to use it properly.

Just follow the following steps :

  • 1. First, download and install the tool from here.
  • 2. If you work in multiple projects I recommend that you create several profiles. For example purposes, I’ll create the “Blog stuff” profile.To do this go to Profile menu and choose Create New Profile
  • 3. Now type “Blog Stuff” leave the rest of fields blank
  • 4. Now create some tasks by going to menu Tasks and choosing Create Task
  • 5. I will create two tasks : Research” and “Text writing and review”
  • 6. You can now start timing your tasks. Just right click on the task you wish to start and choose “Start timing” option. This will cause a timer task clock to appear
  • 7. This clock will be visible by default above all windows. This will allow us to start or stop the task whenever we want.
  • 8. If you wish to start timming a new task, just right click on it and choose “Start Timing” .
  • 9. When you think you’re done with your tasks just press the red buttonĀ “Stop”
  • 10. If you now would like to display how much time you “lost” with each task, just go to menu Reports and choose Breakdown. Then, an empty breakdown graph will appear.
  • 11. As stated on the picture above , you just need to choose now the tasks you want to compare from the task list window. To choose multiple tasks make sure you press the “CTRL” key simultaneously, as if you were selecting multiple files. Only ticking the tasks, won’t make them appear on your breakdown chart!!

And that’s it for today! Stay tuned for more advanced concepts on Time Managment with Grindstone in the following week.