Properly restoring to factory defaults HTC Desire

Hi all again ! Today I’ll explain how you should properly restore your HTC Desire to factory defaults. Why you would want to do this ? Well you could have messed up so bad with your phone that this would be the only way to go. Or if, you are like me, you just had the bad luck of dropping your cellphone violently on the floor and somehow got convinced that a software fault caused misreading of the SD CARD. Sadly it wasn’t a software fault, but pure hardware malfunction.

But lets cut the talk and do things.

  1. First, make sure you have EVERYTHING YOU CARE, backed up.You can achieve this by copying all the contents of you SD CARD and installing a software like Lookout that will backup all your contacts, pictures and call history for free. As for the SMS/MMS you can SMS Backup App, that will after configured, copy all you SMS/MMS to your gmail account.For now it doesn’t support restore as Lookout does.
  2. Shutdown your phone . Click for about 10 seconds on the minus volume button and with the finger still pressing, click the power button.An image like this one bellow should appear :
  3. Choose the option “clear storage” and follow the presented steps
  4. Reboot you mobile and go to Settings > SD Card…> Restore factory defaults

That’s it ! You’ve cleared it !