Wikimedia on a Pendisk – Step 3 adding an extension!

Hi all ! I’m now briefly back to the wiki subject ! Although Wikimedia has a lot of built-in functionality one always wonders if we can extend it. As Obama would say : Yes we can ! The question now is how !

Well, it basically depends on what type of extension you want to add. When I created my wiki I wanted that the users received an email, with a confirmation link to activate their accounts. After browsing google and also this extension list , i found the ConfirmAccount extension. Just follow the following steps to install it :

  1. Download it from here
  2. Unzip it with 7zip and copy the last extracted directory to <your_server_dir>/www/<your_wiki_dir>/extensions/
  3. Edit your LocalSettings.php file in <your_server_dir>/www/<your_wiki_dir>/
  4. Add(don’t replace , ADD!!) the line: require_once(“$IP/extensions/ ConfirmAccount/ConfirmAccount.php”)
  5. Open your phpMyAdminConsole located at http://localhost/apanel/phpMyAdmin/ and run the ConfirmAccount.sql script located in /www/ /extensions/ConfirmAccount/
  6. Finally run http://localhost/maintenance/update.php to update settings for your new extension .
  7. Now, restart you server and that’s it !!!

If all went well, after restarting your server, when a user tries to register an account, it should be sent to a register page.  If you have properly set up email , as I already explained here,  the new user will receive an email with a confirmation link ! After the user confirms you should login with the SysWikiop or other user you have previously registered as bureaucrat. This user will have access to a special page where it can review users pending registration approval. The review page should look like this:

This extension, has a couple of configuration options. If you want to know all of them, I recommend you visit the ConfirmAccount extension homepage here. One of the basic options I changed right away was the mandatory 50 words biography. I set the mandatory biography words to zero adding the line

wgAccountRequestMinWords = 0; 

to the file LocalSettings.php.

And this will be all for today. Don’t miss this week following posts, as I’ll also start my first Android steps !