Wikimedia on a pendisk – Step 2(enabling email)

Hi !

Today i’ll briefly explain how to enable email settings in your mobile wikimedia.

  1. First go to <your_server_dir>/msmtp/ and find file msmtprc.ini.
  2. Edit this file and add a smtp server name of your choice. The defaults are either gmail or hotmail but you can choose to add other if needed.
  3. Go to <your_server_dir>/www/<your_wiki_dir>/ and edit LocalSettings.php
  4. Look for variable $wgEnableEmail and set it to true.

And for the basics, that’s it !!! I recommend however that you also enable $wgEmailAuthentication that defines whether Email authentication (confirmation) is needed for your wiki for using any Email function (except password reminder which works independently from this setting).

And that’s it !! You can check the smtp log at your_server_dir/msmtp/sendmail.log, and check if everything is going as planned.You can also check more info on email notifications options here.