Mediawiki on a pendisk – Step 1(installing)

Hi all and thanks for reading my blog !! A couple of days ago I decided i needed some secure way to store personal information on some projects I’m working on. We can already find on the web  lots of free services that help us do this online, but i didn’t want my info, stored “in the cloud”.

What I wanted was :

  • a free service to organize information, easy to maintain and configure
  • a collaborative platform that allowed me and some friends to edit information
  • a service that i could plug-in and activate anywhere, but wasn’t stored “in the cloud”

So I come across with this excellent post at about installing a mediawiki on a pendisk.

The install steps i took were :

  1. Download uniform server from her
  2. Run the exe file and unzip it to a pendrive of your choic
  3. Download mediawiki from her
  4. Extract the mediawiki to a directory of your choice. Rename it if you prefer shorter directory names to wikidir
  5. Copy the dir from the previous step  to  /yourdir/UniServer/www
  6. Run the file run-pre-check.exe in /yourdir/Uniserver  to make sure you have available port
  7. If all is ok run  Start.exe as administrato
  8. Notice that an icon “1” is placed on your windows bar in the right corner. Click on it, and choose StartUniserver
  9. You can now start uniserver, and if it goes ok you will be sent to the following page in http://localhost/
  10. Now comes one of the the hardest parts : activating the mediawiki server
  11. But before, if all is working well, backup your server folder
  12. To activate your wiki go to http://localhost/yourwikidir/config/index.php “yourwikidir” stands for the directory in step 5. You can go with the default configuration,but i recommend you disable all email options because you can set them up later.
  13. Also i recommend that you take notes of your wiki admin user and password.
  14. If  the database connection fails , you have to do two things : first go to http://localhost/apanel/ and click on the link “change the username/password of the mysql” . After changing the root password, please stop and restart the uniform server.After that, you should be able to complete step 11. If not, try pinging your localhost and see if it responds correctly. Sometimes changing the database location from “localhost” to “” solves the problem.
  15. If all went well, all you have to do before accessing your wiki is copying the file /www/yourwikidir/config/LocalSettings.php to  /www/yourwikidir/ and then go to http://localhost/wiki/index.php/Main_Page and voilá !!! You’ve got a personal wiki !

And that’s it for today you can play around now a bit. I’ll go deeper on LocalSettings.php config on following posts.For now, you can check media wiki user manual for further info on configs !